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  • by Karen Cummings

The Patriots Return

The New England Patriots came to Mt. Cranmore again this year on Friday, February 10 [1984]. This time they were celebrating the "Rites of Winter" and they got in a full day of skiing whether they knew how or not.

Here right, Kyle Bryant, 3 1/2-year-old son of Patriot coach Cleve Bryant, had been looking forward to his return to the slopes ever since his initiation to skiing last year. "Rites of Winter" organizer Paul Lodi cheerfully obliged the enthusiatic youngster by carrying him up the mountain, helping him on with his skis, then sending him down the slight pitch at the base of Cranmore's South Slope.

Former New England Patriot Tim Fox (below), currently of the San Diego Chargers, charged out of the starting gate during one of the exciting triple slalom runs taken by players, coaches, their families, and local skiers enjoying the day with the Patriot organization.

Others were not so lucky, as the sling on New England Patriot offensive tackle Bob Cryter attests (right). Still able to smile with Patriot's General Manager Pat Sullivan, Bob described his fall in his first attempt to ski down the South Slope as "worse than any hit I've taken in football." Cryter suffered a separated shoulder but is expected to be in fine form by football season.

(Karen Cummings/Mountain Ear Photos)


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