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Below is a picture of the Mountain Ear crew in the early 1984, left to right, Jim Ferris, Rick Luksza, Karla McGonigle, Virginia Moore, Sarah Eastman, Steve Eastman, Wini Kuraitis-Moore, Ann Bennett (holding Dana Bennett), Rob Burbank, Karen Cummings, and Karyl Chase.

Meet the Writers

Over its nearly 30 years under the leadership of Stephen Eastman, the Mountain Ear employed a wide variety of writers. These included, in roughly chronological order, the following:


  • Jane Golden 1976-1978

  • Ann Bennett 1978-2005

  • Tom Eastman 1978 summer and school UNH vacations, then 1979-2007

  • Rob Burbank 1983-2001

  • Gabrielle Griswold 1990-2005

  • Chris Stewart 1980-1982

  • Karen Cummings 1983-1985, 1986-1988, 1990-1995, then contributor

  • Steve Caming 1986-89, then contributor

  • Susie Fried


Many, many others contributed to the success of the Mountain Ear Newspaper, from the advertising sales staff, to the graphic designers/layout experts, to the delivery people and as we gather more information we will start listing them or include memories from them.

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