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  • by Tom Eastman

Ms. World Mud Bowl Contest Announced

Bert Parks himself wouldn't want to miss it for all of the mud in the world.

That's right, folks. Organizers of the National Mud Football Association - the group that brings you the World Mud Bowl mud football championships every September in Mt. Washington Valley - have announced that the contest for the crowning of Miss Mt. Washington Valley Hog 1982 is off and running. Open to all female residents of at least 20 years of age, the contest will determine who will have the honor of representing the World Champion Hogs against other mud football team queens in the Miss World Mud Bowl competition set for this September.

Reigning Miss World Mud Bowl 1981, Brenda Keir, and Hog representative David Cianciolo of Country Squire Real Estate noted that the deadline for the return of raffle ticket stubs and money for the Miss Valley Hog contest is July 2nd.

The five contestants selling the most raffle tickets by that date will then be selected as finalists, who will then compete against one another in a Miss Mt. Washington Valley Hog Talent Show - Beauty contest set for Barnaby's Restaurant on July 18th.

The contest at Barnaby's is new this year and will be based on four categories. The top score for each category will be 25 points, with the winner determined by the total point score for the four separate categories. The four categories will consist of 1) Ticket sales, 2) Talent show skit, 3) Bathing suit exhibition, and 4) Answers to an extemporaneous question posed by the panel of judges.

Upon her crowning, Miss Mt. Washington Valley Hog and her runner-ups will continue to sell the raffle tickets throughout the summer, right up until the eve before the opening kickoff of the 1982 World Mud Bowl September 11-12th. Concurrently, the queens representing the other participating teams will be selling tickets as well. The winner of the Miss World Mud Bowl crown will be based on the person selling the most number of tickets.

Dave Cianciolo explained that all tickets sold by Mt. Washington Valley residents will be credited to the Miss Mt. Washington Valley Hog contest winner's total tally. The winner of the Miss World Mud Bowl title will be named on Saturday, September 11, and crowned at the start of the championship World Mud Bowl title match on Mud Sunday, September 12, at Hog Coliseum before thousands of adoring fans.

Cianciolo and Keir emphasized that the purpose of the contest - aside from having fun - is to promote the sale of raffle tickets. Proceeds from the sales will be used to pay for the room and board of the teams traveling to Mt. Washington Valley to compete in the 1982 World Mud Bowl.


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