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  • by Karen Cummings

Carroll Reed expands ski shop

When any New England skier is preparing for an upcoming winter season, he would be remiss if he didn't make a stop at one of the Carroll Reed Ski Shops throughout the area. Carroll Reed's has come to epitomize the best in ski equipment and service throughout its 48 years of existence.

The Carroll Reed Ski Shop on Main Street in North Conway is the home of the parent store. Retaining its charm, yet striving to better serve its customers, the store has recently undergone a major renovation and addition project to ensure that its reputation for good service and comfortable surroundings will continue in the future.

Construction started right after Labor Day converting an entire section of the Carroll Reed building, formerly used for executive offices, to retail space. The grand opening of the expansion will be held all day on Saturday, November 10, and all are invited.

Six thousand additional square feet has been added to the 8000 square feet of the existing store. Carroll Reed's famed ski department will be occupying this roomy, open space. "It will be a chance to get back to the days when we had the room to be a little more creative with our displays," said Stan Millen, Carroll Reed store manager (left, in photo). "It should also make for much more comfortable shopping," added ski shop manager Dan Lewis (right, in photo), "especially during our busiest hours from 4 to 6 p.m. after the slopes close."

Always looking for better ways to serve their customers, the management at Carroll Reed's opted for the expansion as a response to the increased commitment to snowmaking and good skiing by Mt. Washington Valley's four ski areas in the past few years. "All the moves at Attitash, Wildcat, Black, and Cranmore have gone toward making the winter season less of a gamble," explained Millen. "More people are coming here because they are assured of good skiing, and we want to be ready to serve them."

All aspects of the ski department, including the rentals, equipment sales and service, and ski clothing sales, will occupy the new space. The department will continue to serve both cross-country and downhill enthusiasts and will be accessible by walking through the existing store or by a convenient doorway adjacent to the rear parking lot.

The addition has been designed expressly for the ski shop, with all goods and merchandise desplayed primarily for the shoppers' convenience, making dealing with Carroll Reeds a pleasure. "All the goods will be easily accessible," said Millen. "We want to retain that specialty store image that our reputation is built upon."

Editor's Note: Stan Millen and Dan Lewis moved on from Carroll Reed and formed their own business, Stan and Dan's Sports, which has been operating since 1987 --


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