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  • Karen Cummings

DiBello eats his Wheaties

It's hardly big news that Paul DiBello eats Wheaties, but the reason why he is doing it is news. A gold medal winner in the Handicapped Olympics and a below-the-knee double amputee, Paul is eating Wheaties in an effort to raise money for the non-profit, all-volunteer New England Handicapped Sportsmen's Association (NEHSA).

Wheaties is holding a "Search for Champions II" contest in which organizations are allowed to nominate athletes to be chosen as the "Champions II" winner. Racing on two prosthetic legs, Paul recently won four gold medals at the Handicapped Olympics and NEHSA wants to put Paul's picture on the Wheaties box.

Winning the Wheaties contest could earn $11,000 for the organization that helps develop programs for all disabled athletes. "It would really help NEHSA," explained Paul. "It would give them the funds to buy much needed new equipment and work on the 'Sitski' program for para-and quadraplegics."

Not expecting or looking forward to any of the glory for himself, Paul is hoping that everyone eats their Wheaties, which he says are pretty good, and helps earn some money for NEHSA and handicapped athletes.

NOTE: The last mention of Paul DiBello that we found on the web was that he was heading up a company called Captain Spongefoot ( in Granby, Colorado, after being associated for many years with the National Sports Center for the Disabled at Winter Park, Colorado. If anyone else has more recent news, we'd gladly update this post.

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